Le programme de l'Alliance de Katmandou (14/08/2013)


During 3 days, the Alliance française of Katmandou will welcome several events about art and the “Spirit of Boz” project.

The Boz’s tour in 80 years is a unique project initiated by the artist Julien Friedler. This is a participative art work open to anybody without any discrimination. The spirit of Boz aims at catching the on-the-spot soul of our current world.  Everybody is invited to answer to the questionnary ( available at the afk reception or bebozbeart.spiritofboz.com/the-forest-of-souls-in-nepali )

These questions can seem common but they are all at the heart of our social constructions and at the crossroad of the development of our cultures. All answers are accepted: written, drawn, sculpted, sung, and torn.

After all questionnaires will be enclosed within crates, which are themselves materializing one tree, in order to create at the end: a forest of soul.

Besides this ambitious survey,  the Spirit of boz team will propose many other activities from 18 to 27 august in the Alliance française of Kathmandu.


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