Première révélation... (18/05/2017)


L'artiste invité à l'ouverture de Knokke c'est Francesco Sena !

Nous sommes heureux de vous inviter à découvrir ses oeuvres et à le rencontrer....

Voici une courte biographie (in english) :

Francesco Sena, Avellino (italy) 1966

Francesco Sena, sculptor and painter, lives and  works in Turin. He is one of the most interesting Italian artists of the new generation; his painting material and his sculpture investigates the concept  of limitation, space and humanity by staging dreamscapes or mutations of the human capable of making sense of contemporary anthropological and existential anxieties. His poetry involves the human space, the anthropic landscape and the limits of human staging forms of dilated contours, through figuration capable of restoring disorientation and anxiety.

The material preferred of the artist is wax, which becomes an integral element of his painting activity, juxtaposed to a figurative element at times surreal that in this way assumes the tones of the distance and of the oneiric, or material for sculptures capable of conveying the ephemerality of forms and their transformation.

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